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Steps & Options When Selling Your Property
The Saugeys staff will set-up a scheduled date to view your personal property. During this initial meeting, we will be able to assist you with the best possible way to sale your chattel property with the most profitable results. Saugeys Inc. requires authorized signed contracts. There are several options to be considered:

1) Estate Tag Sale:
This process involves pricing your individual items by our highly experienced staff, researching and getting qualified consultants, who specialize in a particular genre. Seller(s) will be aware of any and all expenses, such as commission, advertising, & trash removal fees...This type of process usually has a set-up time of approximately 1 to 2 weeks with a 2-3 day direct selling time. Seller(s) will receive a spreadsheet of daily purchase prices (including description & purchase price of higher priced items), breakdown of fees, and a check will be issued to the authorized estate person(s) within 10 working days.

2) On-site auction: This process involves the set-up time an average
1 to 2 weeks with a 1 day direct selling time. All property contents should be sold during this process. There may be some general, common items that did not attract any buyers and these items are picked up by Friendly Chapel or your perferred charity. Our contracts state that you will have itemized spreadsheet of all items sold. There is a maximum of ten (10) days to receive payment, which will include the spreadsheet and breakdown contracted fees.

3) Other Options:There is a possibility that the estate does not warrant neither of the above mentioned. Therefore another option; Take selected items directly to our auction facility and auctioning these items in an agreed time period. Please refer to Learning About Auctions - 'Selling Your Property'.

Questions to Ask to Your Agent

1. Contract: It is highly advisable to be sure there is binding contract between the Seller and Agent. This contract will outline the process and procedure from the initial introduction to the completion of the sale. It should include any fees that will be incurred by the estate; commission, advertising, trash removal....It should also state the type of advertising they will include - website, newspaper, email,...insurance coverage,...

2. References and appraisals: Ask for references and follow through by contacting previous Sellers. What type of experience, knowledge and research is available. The Saugeys staff has over 30 years of specializing in antiques & collectibles with vast knowledge and research material available.

3. Selling Process: Does the Agent use a daily price spreadsheet - they should. Request a detail breakdown for specific articles; ie, furniture, silver, jewelry, artwork...it is important that the Agent keeps records and these price details should be included in the spreadsheet. Be sure to ask "When will a check be submitted?" This should be stated in the Contract and should be no longer than 10 working days.

4. Unsold property: How does the Agent conclude the sale? What happens to the remaining items. Please remember this property belongs to the estate not the Agents. Saugeys offers a two (2) stage contract process: The initial estate sale and the remaining items will be sent to their auction facility. (except for general househouse goods - these items will be given to a selected charity. With these two process the estate account will be completed in a timely manner. We do not send items from one estate to another estate to another estate...items can get misplaced, mistagged and during the selling time the Agent is selling for a multitude of Sellers not just "your estate".

Please be sure to ask the Agent for a Personal Property Contract